GF: Stipends

We offer finacial support for deserving young post-graduate micropalaeontologists

The amount of the stipend is linked to that of the Beres Stipend awarded by the Polish Geological Society in the previous year (currently about 1000 zloty). The Grzybowski Foundation will award the Grzybowski Stipend in alternate years, or as the need arises. The following rules apply for the Grzybowski stipend:

Applications are available from our website via email and will be reviewed and ranked by a committee consisting of officers of Board members of the Grzybowski Foundation

The Geroch Stipend honours the memory of Prof. Dr. Stanislaw Geroch, Professor of Micropaleontology at the Jagiellonian University, who sadly passed away in June, 1995. The stipend is earmarked to support student research in the field of Carpathian Micropalaeontology - the favourite topic Prof. Geroch's own research.
The stipend is awarded annually, and is available only to students registered for a master's degree at a Polish University. The amount of the stipend is the zloty equivalent of 100 pounds sterling. The following rules apply for the Geroch stipend:

Applications are available via email.

Application deadline: October 31 of each year.

Memorial Grant-in-aid for PhD research in stratigraphic micropaleontology

Awarded to a Ph.D. student who is carrying out a thesis project in the field of Stratigraphic Micropaleontology. The grant is dedicated to the memory of Brian J. O’Neill, who for many years was a loyal participant in IWAF meetings and a supporter of the Grzybowski Foundation.

The grant supports original scientific research in any subject of Micropaleontology, with preference to projects dealing with foraminifera. The grant is awarded competitively to a Ph.D. student from an eastern European University or research institution who is carrying out a Ph.D. project in the field of Stratigraphic Micropaleontology, preferably for work in the Carpathian area. The amount of the grant is USD $1,000, plus an additional travel allowance to attend the IWAF-9 meeting in Zaragoza Spain or the next MIKRO meeting.

The student should fill in the application form, have his or her supervisor fill in the back of the form, and then obtain approval from the Head of Department. The completed form should be sent via email.

The application deadline is December 31. The application will be reviewed by the officers of the Grzybowski Foundation. The decision on the grant will be announced in the spring.