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Membership in the Grzybowski Foundation is open to all micropalaeontologists, stratigraphers, or geologists who wish to join, regardless of their professional affiliation or employment status. Two categories of membership are recognised: Member and Sponsor

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Members can purchase GF publications and participate in conferences organised by the Foundation for a reduced price, and in the case of post-graduate students, can be eligible for grants and awards.

Members have the opportunity to publish their findings in the Special Publication series, and can apply for partial support of any conferences or symposia they organise

Membership dues are $50 (£30),

Any individual or institution who makes a significant contribution to the Foundation may join as a sponsor. Sponsors receive all the Foundation's publications and are acknowledged in the annual Proceedings published in the Journal of the Geological Society of Poland.

Sponsors are those who contribute $100 (£60) or more

Any contribution towards the Foundation's charitable activities is most welcome

The Grzybowski Award

It is envisaged that in the future the Grzybowski Foundation will offer Honorary Membership to persons who have either have made a significant impact in education and/or research in the field of Carpathian micropalaeontology, or who have performed unselfish and dedicated service in the activities of the Foundation.

Prof. Hohenegger

The 2012 Award: Prof. Hohenegger

Prof. Hohenegger is an active participant in the International Workshops on Agglutinated Foraminifera, the MIKRO meetings, and is a founding member of the International Working Group on Foraminiferal Classification. He has recently published a book on the ecology of larger benthic foraminifera
The Grzybowski award committee cited his outstanding work on subjects ranging from taxonomy and foraminiferal classification, to the ecology of larger benthic foraminifera as ample justification for this award.

Prof. Janina Szczechura

The 2009 Award: Prof. Janina Szczechura

Prof Szczechura is the author of numerous publications representing her wide-ranging interests and expertise across a range of fossil groups - Foraminifera, Ostracoda, and even Bolboforma. She has made major taxonomic contributions to the knowledge of Cenozoic foraminifera and Ostracoda, and has received numerous national and international awards. She has been an active participant in the MIKRO meetings since their inception, and has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Polish Micropalaeontology workshops.
Prof. Szczechura has been active in encouraging and training younger colleagues who are entering the field of Micropalaeontology.

Prof. Felix Gradstein

The 2008 Award: Prof. Felix Gradstein

Felix was a member of the organizational committee of the First IWAF in Ansterdam in 1981, and has been attending the meetings ever since. He has carried out pioneering work on the agglutinated foraminifera of the Labrador Sea and Norwegian Sea, and is responsible for the term "Flysch-type Foraminifera". He has taken part on several deep-sea drilling expeditions, sometimes as co--chief scientist.
He has an impressive record of publications dealing with the biostratigraphy and palaeoecology of the agglutinated foraminifera, particularly in the Boreal seas. Lately, he has been instrumental in developing software for quantitative biostratigraphy, and has been the Chairman of the International Commission on Stratigraphy, authoring numerous papers and the definitive book on the Geological Timescale.

Dr. Valeria (Alla) Michalevich

The 2006 Award: Dr. Valeria (Alla) Michalevich.

Alla has been a participant of the last couple of IWAF meetings, and she is an active participant of the MIKRO meetings as well. Her award acknowledges her major contribution to our new understanding of foraminiferal classification and systematics. In a series of articles published since the early 1990’s, Alla has produced a completely revised suprageneric classification shceme for the foraminifera – which is more in line with the new molecular data published in the last few years. Thanks to Alla, we now have an alternative to the old Loeblich & Tappan classification scheme.

Dr. John E. Whittaker

The 2005 Award: Dr. John E. Whittaker.

John has been a participant of the IWAF meetings since the mid 1980's. His research on the trochamminids carried out jointly with the late Paul Brönnimann has been a major contribution to foraminiferal systematics, and has added significantly to our knowledge of the biogeography of this group of organisms. John was unable to attend the IWAF meeting this year, so the award was given to John in absentia. The certificate was presented to John at the annual Micropalaeontological Society meeting held at UCL in November.

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