The micropalaeontological foundation based in, and serving the needs of Central Europe.

The name of the foundation honours Jozef Grzybowski (1869-1922), professor of Palaeontology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, a pioneer in the use of microfossils for stratigraphical applications.

About Us: The Grzybowski Legacy

See what makes us tick, from the history of the foundation, to our activities, the stipdends we offer and even what books and journals we house in the Grzybowski Library.


The Foundation is an international publisher, with its own series of ISBN numbers. It currently publishes a monograph series entitled "Grzybowski Foundation Special Publications". See the Google Scholar for full citation index of our series.

Foram References

The ever-increasing number of publications on foraminifera makes a review of the literature a nearly impossible task. Our goal is to compile a complete bibliography of the Foraminiferida, heres what we have so far...


The GF News is now printed in The Newsletter of Micropalaeontology.
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ISF Summer School

The ISF Summer School

Since its inception in 2006, the three-week training course, International School on Foraminifera in Urbino has been the world’s leading training school devoted to the study of foraminifera.

The school boasts an international teaching faculty who are among the world’s leading experts in their respective research fields. The full course consists of approximately 50 hours of lectures and 60 hours of practical work.

Micropress Europe

Micropress Europe is the European Office of the Micropaleontology Press Foundation, publisher of the journals "Micropaleontology" and "Stratigraphy" as well as the Ellis & Messina Catalogues of Foraminifera, Ostracods, and Diatoms.

We work closely with Micropress Europe, which now publishes our Special Publications, and serves as our agent for Library subscriptions and publication sales.

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